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Why do Somali women have big nice round butts?
I live in Canada and their is an overwhelming population of Somali migrants from Somalia, the UNI that I go to also has many Somalis as well; one thing that I notice is Somali women tend to have nicest most perfectly round big butts. Is this a result of the Somali diet that make them this way? Somali women are very pretty people, and with their large behinds it makes them even attractive!

Seriously, If you see any Somali women, check out the nice baggage they carry, DAMN!…

I agree. From the Somali people I've met, they are sooo epically beautiful. But we can perceive anyone from anywhere as beautiful. Depends on our personal perspectives.

Dude... Don't be a creeper...( ~ _ ~)
Why do Latina Girls have such nice big butts? And, would american girls like butts that big and round?
Would most american girls like to have big, round, luscious latina butts if they could, with the big hips and thighs?
haha it`s possible now (not the big hips & thighs, but the round butt)...if you`ve ever seen "dr. 90210" on the e! tv channel, they do a brazilian butt surgery now!!! it`s true!!! it gives the rounded shape like the ladies in latin countries have!!!
What's the secret of Hispanic women having natural curvy bodies and round big butts!!?
is it the lifestyle? doing some certain workouts that gives them this shape? maybe certain food? ??? any idea?? :P
I'm half hispanic and i have hips, but i need alil more booty :P
It's genetics, the fat travels to certain areas of the body more exclusively.
How do you get a big, round butt with exercise?
I'm a 15 year old girl. I already have a big butt, but it is mostly made up of fat. I'm going to lose about 10 lbs and tone my body. When I was 11, I lost 38 lbs and my butt became small! I didn't have muscles though. What can I do to keep a big butt and make it even nicer and rounder? Basically have the best butt possible for me (perfect butt in my opinion is Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian). Thank you :)
There is a lot of traditional ways you can tone your butt. Although they are boring the traditional exercises like squats and lounges are very effective. The key is repetition and also challenge yourself by adding weights to the exercise. Now if you really want to work your butt and make it look like Kim's, you should try her "Fit in your jeans my Friday butt blast work out". I didn't think it was going to work, but the first time I did that video my butt was so sore, after like two weeks my fiance notice a difference in my butt I was so happy. Just to try out the DVD I rented it at blockbuster online to see if it was worth buying.
How do i get a big round butt?
I need a big round butt . My thighs are big, but my but is flat & its embarrassing . People told me to sit & eat all day, but all the food went straight to my thighs . I even try doing butt exercises , but all they do is make my butt firm but not bigger .
You want a muscular butt, not a fat squishy one, right?
Overeating will make you fat. Do exercise that makes your muscle bulk up. Such as squats, isolates the muscle and pump it up throughout the day. Sex, if you're old enough to do it responsibly, is another way. If you do it enough, and hard enough, the muscle should bulk up. But, some people just naturally don't have the muscle tone to bulk it up.
Is it good or bad to have a big round butt?
my butt isnt huge but it is a little bigger than most white gurls butts, no offence but black guys always b staring at me. just wondering how many ppl like a little bigger butt!?
I have a big butt and I'm a white girl. :) My boyfriend loves it!
Is there a difference between big or round butts?
And if there is, which do you prefer (guys)
I think guys like round buts cause there vulumcios or whatever and big ones can get kinda annoying..(:
How to have big and round butts?
I am 28, but my butts are relatively small, as i have a broad structure, and am quite tall, I need to have fuller butts.I go to gym, but dont know exactly which excercises will help me (we dont have any instructer in gym), please help!! do massage bring any result? can do exercise for your glutes: the only Isolation exercises are:
1. Glute Kick Back
2. Standing Glute Kick Back

The rest are compount exercises. Either way that only tones up your glutes, not necessarily increasing the size.

Massaging only releases the tension in the increase in glutes happen there.

That one area that is not easily increased in size without any surgical procedures. You mentioned that you **need** to have larger glutes. That sounds more like a want than a need since you don't need bigger glutes to survive. Best of luck.
Is it a stereotype to say that most white guys like small compact butts while black guys like big round butts?
I know this is a stupid question but sometimes I wonder if there are whhite men out there who loves a big booty or a black guy that prefers them small and tight. Is is really true that white guys are more into breast and black guys are more into the booty? What do you think???
You're totally stereotyping.
I got a big round butt, is that good or bad?
Like my butt is big and round and I get self conscious about it because it's not proportional to the top of my body so it makes my butt more noticable and bigger. My boobs are also a 36C, is that considered big?
Having a big butt is a great thing! If you're going to store flesh somewhere, it might as well be in a spot that makes you attractive. If it's proportionally larger than the top of your body, that just means you're pear shaped, and even more attractive! You'd probably like it even less if it was big but the rest of your body was also bigger.

36C boobs are perhaps a bit larger than normal, but not unreasonably big. It sounds like a good size, since it makes them attractive and noticeable but not big enough to be annoying (like my 38DDs).

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